About Us

The Telegraph Daily is a fully independent online news portal not having any kind of direct or indirect association from any other Telegraph news agency. It is a news portal committed to bringing the best and most relevant news stories, articles, blogs, tips and other useful information from around the world.

Covering wide-ranging topics, The Telegraph Daily reports and publishes the news articles on various topics, like health, technology, entertainment, economy, lifestyle and many more that matters in the daily life of people around the world. All the articles are reviewed and authenticated here by the senior news editor before making them live with the source of origin to rationalize the whole content and authentication of news or reports.

Why The Telegraph Daily?

Though there are many news websites, agencies and media groups globally reporting and publishing the news daily, but, it is not possible for anyone to visit all these websites and read all the news at a time. So, The Telegraph Daily born here with the motive to bring the best news stories and useful articles from top of the news websites for you to read the best ones and keep you updated what’s going on in the world.

About The Telegraph Daily Editorial Team

Although, being an independent and emerging news website, currently we have very limited team members to collect, write, edit and publish the news articles. But they all work dedicatedly round-the-clock to publish the finest news stories to make your day worth reading on the internet. We have experienced news correspondents, editors and publishing experts to make the articles readable for everyone.