charging phone overnight affect battery life

How Charging Phone Overnight Bad for Battery?

Nowadays smartphones are coming with high capacity batteries to last longer, but due to multiple tasking and heavy use of your phone, the battery drains faster and mostly lasts for the day. And many people use their phones till they awake and plug in at the time of sleep.

Although, fast charging technology and stopping your phone from overcharging comes with almost all segments of smartphones but still do you know charging a phone overnight is bad for the battery? Yes, you need to know how charging works and how it affects your battery life.

How Lithium-ion Battery Charger Works?

In smartphones, a Lithium-ion battery is used and designed in such a way to protect the other components from the battery heating. And regular overheating can damage your phone, and that usually happens either heavy gaming or charging your phone overnight.

Most phones will charge quickly when you first plug them in or place them on a wireless charger. This is so if you just need some extra juice in a hurry you don’t have to wait long. However, after a while, charging will slow down and stop entirely when it reaches 100%.

Of course, since it stops charging at 100%, the battery will slowly discharge. Once it drops to 99% again, it will sip a very small amount of power to go back up to 100%. That cycle repeats itself until you take it off the power. The phone is never being overcharged, but it is almost constantly charging.

How Charging Phone Overnight Affect Battery Life?

Though with those protections in place, it’s very, very difficult for you to do any undue damage to your phone’s battery. However, batteries will degrade over time and there’s nothing anyone can do about that. It’s just a matter of how much are you helping that process along.

Charging cycles that in point of fact affect the lifespan of your battery. The more charging cycles it goes through, the more the battery degrades. This is why it’s best to keep your phone between 20-80% charge as much as possible.

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