November 30, 2022
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What Are Some Common Guilty Pleasures People Do Generally? 

What Are Some Common Guilty Pleasures People Do Generally

Every person in his life has done guilty pleasure activity either in his teenage or adulthood. I guess you have also done such actions in your life that give you pleasure and later on you feel guilty doing so. Our lifestyle is like that we cannot avoid such things and do even don’t want to do them.   

Guilty pleasure activities give a pleasurable moment at the same time or later you realize it shouldn’t be done and feel guilty. And guilty pleasures can be beneficial when you have stressful work and you choose to do what like to do freely.

Very Common Guilty Pleasures

Though there are some good and some bad guilty pleasures right there are some common ones that most people usually do.

#1 Watching TV for Long Hours

Watching your favourite TV show or web series on Netflix or any other OTT platform is one most common pleasurable activity people do across the world. But once the show ends, you might feel guilty about spending too much time on TV which can not only affect your eyes but also keeps your important tasks pending for the next day.

#2 Eating the Fast Food

Many people are obsessed with eating fast food frequently. From breakfast to dinner some of them love to eat burgers or pizza which gives them extreme pleasure. But when you realize eating fast food skipped your regular meals and you spend extravagantly on such food, it would be a guilty-full moment for you.

#3 Watching Reels on Insta

Scrolling for long hours watching the reels on Instagram or other social media platforms is nowadays one of the most pleasurable activity people love to do all the time. They stalk their favourite celebrity, check their main page regularly, and watch the videos posted by them.

But when you realize you have spent such a great time watching such videos on your mobile you feel embarrassed as your internet data is exhausted and now how will check your important emails or chat with friends on messenger?     

#4 Playing Games on the Phone

This obsession is not only among kids but adults also spend too much time playing games on their smartphones, laptop or TV with dedicated gaming consoles. Playing the games gives you the next level of pleasure, especially if win and feel proud of yourself.

But a guilty moment also comes when you realize, you wasted how many valuable hours just playing the games. No matter what, whether it is an addiction or time passes but people don’t stop this and keep playing their favourite game whenever they get bored.    

#5 Taking Too Many Selfies 

Usually, girls are obsessed with such activities, yes they take unlimited selfies unless they feel they are looking their best and post the picture on their social media accounts. And when lots of pictures fill your phone gallery with similar photos you feel guilt-ridden to remove most of them and keep the best ones that you love. 

#6 Sleeping for Long Hours

This is one of the most commonly done pleasurable activity people love to do around the world. People on their holidays wake up very late, they lay down on the bed or couch whether they are sleeping or not.

The guilty movement comes when they realize they missed a meeting or not attended the party of their friend. Sleeping for long hours can you extreme pleasure but also makes you lazy and can affect your night’s sleep ultimately affecting your health.

#7 Going Outstation for Long Vacation     

People love to spend quality time with their families on vacation. But when people go regular basis and waste most of their time travelling for a vacation that becomes embarrassing for them. Going on vacation not only waste your time but also need lots of money to fund the vacation plan, especially when you go outstation.    

#8 Stalking on Social Media

Apart from watching the reels, many people spend lots of time on social media posting something and checking their phones for notifications. It gives them pleasure but also makes them embarrassed when realize they spend their valuable time on such an unnecessary platform.     

#10 Frequent Online Shopping

Shopaholic people are obsessed with shopping frequently, especially girls who love to buy new dresses whenever they are going to attend any special occasion event. Shopping can be pleasurable but when your credit card bills are generated you realize how much money you have wasted on clothes and your budget is disturbed for buying the necessary things.       

#11 Biting Your Nails Publically

This is one of the most common bad habit people do. When you are alone at your home you can enjoy the pleasurable moment but when you do it in a public place it can be an embarrassing moment. It is one of a kind of bad habit that people can’t control even sitting anywhere but sometimes pleasure is not compromised with such bad habits.     

#12 Watching Porn Videos 

At a young age, boys and many girls watch porn that can give them extreme levels of pleasure. You enjoy watching the videos and can give the next level of pleasure if you involve the sexual activities while such videos.

But when you are exhausted you might feel guilty about doing so. And if you are caught watching porn by one of your family members it could be the most embarrassing moment for you. And nowadays due to smartphones and unlimited internet access in many countries porn is watched by all age groups of people, but mainly by teenage kids who are more curious about such things.        

#13 Masturbation Regularly

I know it this taboo to talk about such topics publically but I’m sure after watching the porn video you too do this, especially if you are not married or don’t have any partner to fulfil your sexual fantasy needs.

While masturbating the highest pleasurable moment comes when you achieve the orgasm and when you erected you might feel very guilty. Yes, people who are obsessed with this activity also feel very guilty after doing this and decide to not do it again or regularly.     

#14 Smoking Cigarettes

This is a kind of addiction to drugs, but for some people smoking cigarettes gives them some pleasure while inhaling the smoke and giving it out in the air. Smoking is highly injurious to health and makes people feel guilty when addicted to anyone in this world becomes. 

#15 Consuming Alcohol

Just like smoking consuming alcohol gives many people a different level of pleasure or help them to forget the problems running in their life. Intoxication of anything can be bad and harmful to your health but many people feel very guilty after consuming the alcohol and commit to not touching again that day never comes especially in the life of drunkard people.     

Similarly, there are many guilty pleasures activities you can enjoy but at the same time or later on, you might get guilt-ridden. However, you don’t need to do such activities but making an obsession or addiction to anything is bad for anyone. Just enjoy that moment when it comes to a special occasion and forget to move forward and do the honourable activities in your life. 

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